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What is the N95 masks?

N95 mask or N95 respirator means a particulate matter filtering mask that meets the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) N95 air filtration classification criteria, i.e., filters at least 95% of the particulate matter in the air. This standard does not require the respirator to be oil resistant; another standard, P95, adds to this requirement; the N95 model is the most common particulate filter mask respirator. It is an example of a mechanical filtered respirator that provides protection against particulate matter, but not against gas or vapors.

*Due to the shortage of N95 masks, FDA announced that KN95 masks can replace N95 masks.

What is the difference between an N95 respirator masks and a KN95 respirator masks?

The KN95, FFP2 and KF94 respirator masks have the same filtration efficiency as the NIOSH-certified N95 masks, but all have been tested by different national standards. the KN95 respirator masks is a particulate matter filtering mask tested by Chinese standards, the FFP2 is a European certified filtering mask with a 94% filtration score and the KF94 is tested by Korean standards.

To simply put, we could put these respirators into an equation as below:

N100 (99.97%) = FFP3 (99.95%) > N95 (95%) = KN95 (95%) = FFP2 (94%) = KF94 (94%) > KN90 (90%).

What is the difference between an N95 respirator mask and a KN95 respirator mask?

What is the (Disposable) Surgical Mask / Medical Surgical Mask?

Disposable surgical masks are commonly used in surgery and other environments where there are body fluids (including droplet transmission) and blood splashes. It blocks blood and body fluids from passing through the mouthpiece and prevents blood and body fluids from contaminating the wearer. This is shown in the figure below. It has three (three) tiers. The outer layer is a protective layer against liquid splashes. The filter layer (middle layer) is a meltblown nonwoven material that prevents microbes from entering or exiting the mask. The inner layer, on the other hand, absorbs the moisture released by the wearer.

What is the (Disposable) Surgical Mask

How to properly wear a face mask to prevent COVID-19 (coronavirus).

There are several types of facemasks. The most common are:

Surgical masks,N95 respirator masks and KN95 respirator masks.

How to Put the face Mask On

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Dry your hands with a clean paper towel, then throw the paper towel away.
  2. Check the mask for any defects, such as torn or missing ties or earrings. Get rid of any defective masks.
  3. Make sure the outer (usually blue or yellow) side of the mask is facing out and away from the face.
  4. Place the mask over your face, with the blue side facing out and the hard, bendable edge of the top next to your nose.
  5. If the mask has earrings on it, put one on each ear.
  6. If the mask has a tie on it, pick up the tie of the mask and tie the top tie behind your head with a bow.
  7. Once the mask is in place, pinch the bendable upper edge of the mask around the bridge of the nose with your index finger and thumb.
  8. If the mask has a lower tie on it, tie the lower tie behind your head with a bow when the mask is closed to the bridge of your nose.
  9. Make sure the mask is completely secure. Make sure it covers your nose and mouth so that the lower edge is under your chin.
  10. Wash your hands.

Remove the face mask

  1. Wash your hands before removing the mask.
  2. Do not touch the inside of the mouthpiece (the part above the mouth and nose). It can be contaminated by your breathing, coughing or sneezing.
  3. Unhook or remove the earrings and remove the strap of the mask.
  4. Throw the masks in the trash.
  5. Wash your hands.

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